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Quarantine Workout









Coach’s Notes:

It is important to be active! There might not be access to the gym, or workout equipment, but that is no excuse!


This is not mandatory, merely suggestions. If a player has access to gym equipment, this workout can be modified. If there is access to other workout plans that preferred, those are great too.  If the workout needs to be shortened (sets or reps), do it. The purpose is to be active. This is generally a great life skill, and provides health benefits present, and future.


Hockey Skills:

This is a great time to stick-handle in the driveway, on the sidewalk, a kitchen floor (if allowed), or a basement. Use a hockey ball, golf ball, or hard rubber if a puck cannot be used. There are some many stickhandling videos out there, as well as basic drills coaches have taught on the ice.


If there is a space to shoot pucks without damaging anything, do so. Shoot 100-500 pucks, good form. A dramatic difference will show!


There are so many reruns of old rerun games, and access to hockey games online. Watch the game, not the highlights. There is so much downtime, learn the game.


Become a learner! Look up websites about hockey-related drills and find some that are quality.  Understand, the purpose and technique of the drill. Share them with friends and coaches.

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