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Body Checking Clinic Announced - Begins July 11

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Voyager Hockey is excited to announce the development of a Body Checking Clinic for youth players. The Clinic is designed for 1st & 2nd Year Bantams, in addition to, 2nd Year Pee Wees.

The art of Body Checking is vital in the game of hockey once older levels of the game are reached. Body Checking when taught properly is safe and effective way to gain possession and control of the puck.

The clinic is designed to teach the basics of body positioning, stick positioning, gap control, angling, and follow through of a legal body check. In addition, the establishment of drills that promote body comfort and contact will be utilized for players to gain confidence in the physical aspect of the game.

Why not just players entering 1st year Bantams?

Hockey is a game of skill. There are a variety of skills that are needed to be an effective hockey player. Body Checking is another skill. Every player can improve their body control and confidence. All skills (including body checking) need to be honed and practiced. Even players that cannot legally hit in a game yet, will only develop the proper techniques to gain confidence in Body Contact games.

Clinic Information

Dates: Sundays 7/11, 7/18, 7/25 (3 Sessions)

Time: Session One 6-7pm, Session Two 7-8pm

Location: Aleixo Arena

Cost: $60

Registration Today! Visit the Clinics Page for Body Checking Clinic Registration.

For Mail in-Registration or Venmo Payment Options please contact Kris Metea at

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