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Back to the Rinks: What is in Store for the "New Normal"?


The world has changed. It has changed forever. There will be new life experiences and protocols that will have to be followed. Change can be scary, but everyone is in this together! There will be bumps along the way as people start to understand what is now acceptable in a world, we may had taken for granted.


Voyager Hockey uses FMC run rinks, which follows state and national guidelines. Camps and clinics will follow FMC’s leadership. Raynham and Taunton rinks will be open in Phase Three of the State’s reopening plan. The plan is currently seeing reductions in COVID cases and a continued drop of the curve. Voyager Hockey will follow guidelines to the best abilities to do its part in virus suppression.


Phase Three guidelines have not been released but will be looser than Phase Two regulations. Current guidelines (Phase Two) for good practice include the following:


1) Cohorts of 10 or less, up to three cohorts on the ice at once,

2) No games or scrimmages,

3) Only one parent/guardian with the child,

4) Social distancing still practiced on and off of the ice,

5) No locker room use,

6) Come to the rink ready to go, limited/no changing at rink,

7) Instructors will wear masks,

8) No water bottle sharing,

9) Health questionnaires and checks for staff.

For FMC’s full reopening plan, click here.

Voyager Hockey will continue to focus on skills and work to practice behaviors that will limit the spread of the virus as outlined by FMC and State’s re-opening plan.

We ask that all participants be patient in this process! We are allies that will work to improve safety and positive experiences for children. We look forward to a fun and safe summer!

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