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2020 Summer Clinic Information and Registration is now closed!

We have SOLD OUT for the summer! Sessions will start 7/14.


Quarantine Workout

Designed for High School players, 14 years and older, this outline provides and a workout that can be completed at home, with little to no equipment! Keep building the body while sports is still postponed. Stay Active and get a leg up!

Feature Stories

Back to the Rinks: What is in Store for the "New Normal"?





The world has changed. It has changed forever. There will be new life experiences and protocols that will have to be followed. Change can be scary, but everyone is in this together! There will be bumps along the way as people start to understand what is now acceptable in a world, we may had taken for granted.


Voyager Hockey uses FMC run rinks, which follows state and national guidelines. Camps and clinics will follow FMC’s leadership. Raynham and Taunton rinks will be open in Phase Three of the State’s reopening plan. The plan is currently seeing reductions in COVID cases and a continued drop of the curve. Voyager Hockey will follow guidelines to the best abilities to do its part in virus suppression.

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Nutrition: Refuel with Food, Skip the Sports Drinks

         May 2020

There is a big marketing push to get kids and teens to consumer sports drinks after athletic activities. Although the electrolytes are beneficial, the added sugar and absence of protein in these drinks do not make them nutritionally appropriate for growing young bodies.

Skip the Sports Drinks

Replace those drinks with water! Sports drinks have added sugars that can rival the addictive nature of soda, which can lead to increased chances of obesity. Kids and teens should get at least 6-8 cups of water per day. Hydration loosens up muscles and improves body processes such as digestion and muscle recovery.

Refuel with Food

Get Nutrients after a workout! There is a need for sugars, but look for the natural types. Add natural sugars with a protein source for a great combination. Examples include chocolate milk, string cheese and fruit, yogurt and a granola bar, yogurt and fruits, or hummus and pita chips.

Rinks can be filled with vending machines promoting junk food and sugary drinks. Be above the influence and help your child get balanced nutrition for growth. Continue Reading.

Getting Better During Social Distancing: Tips & Tricks

            April 2020






COVID-19 has thrust many changes to daily life. There has become a considerable amount of open and down time for people. For older players, this means finding activities to occupy the body and mind on their own, and for parents of younger players, it means developing a plan to keep kids active.


Practicing social distancing does not mean physical activity needs to be absent, or that players cannot improve at the sport they love. Let’s look at some ways to GET BETTER as a player! Get Tips Here.


Clinic Dates 2020


High School / PG Clinic

July 14 - August 11

8-9pm HS/PG

Raynham IcePlex

Makeup Date 7/30 5pm*


July 15 - August 12 

Session 1 - 5:30-6:30pm 

Session 2 - 6:30-7:30pm 

Aleixo Arena

Make up Date 8/6 5 & 6pm*

Pee Wee/Bantams

July 15-August 12


Aleixo Arena

Make-up Date 7/30 6pm*


Nutrition and Sports Blog 


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Nick Terry


Worcester State

College Hockey Season has ended!  Here is a list of former players and where they are now!

Tyson Aruajo (Junior)

Wilkes University 

Luca Ragosta (Sophomore)

Salem State 

Harrison Sheldon (Junior) 

Post University 

David Cambria (Sophomore)

Franklin Pierce 

Kevin Kaufman (Sophomore)

Anna Maria Coll. 

Casey Carreau (Sophomore)

Boston College 

Max Sauve (Sophomore)

Penn State 

Alumni News

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