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An Abrupt End: What Sports Mean to Us

         March 2020


                The 2020 sports season has come to abrupt halt, and for many the lack of closure to the season has put bitter taste in participant’s mouths. Some programs were lucky enough to complete their seasons, but others that were not so fortunate are reflecting on what could have been.

                The increasing spread of the coronavirus led organization and government leaders to make difficult decisions to shut down congregations of crowds, and of course, youth sports was a casualty. Winter sports seasons were not able to crown champions, and teams that did not compete for titles were left without an end, a simple goodbye. Spring sport seasons on the horizon still do not know when play will take place, or even more importantly, when there will be a beginning hello.

                The complex feelings of all stakeholders in youth sports varies, and it is in this moment people realize why they love sports so much.  Sports offers so many positives to not only players, but to coaches, parents, and spectators. Youth sports is a driving force of personal improvement that is constantly sought after with short- and long-term goals. Goals are different for each person. Player goals range from making the team, to making the big play, or winning a championship. Coach goals value the teamwork and the competition to work as one. Parents love to watch their child grow and reach their goals through challenge and adversity. And, well, spectators, they love being in the moment, witnessing it all, being a part of the journey. 

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Finishing the Check: New Stance on Body Contact 

          November 2019

Have you been watching hockey this year and noticed that you see less body checks? Whether it is NHL, Pro, College, Junior, or Youth, the answer is yes.  There has been a significant drop at all levels of play. For the fan that grew up with the physicality of 70s and 80s hockey, or the clutching and grabbing of the 90s, you saw a big shift when the new standard of holding, hooking, and stick work made the game faster. Old school hockey fans did not like the change, but the game of hockey has evolved into a beautiful and fast game that requires immense skill, and no longer is beneficial to players that had size.

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The Season Has Begun: Trust the Process

          October 2019

Players, coaches, parents! The season is here, and it is going to be a long one! This is a friendly reminder to enjoy the journey of the day-to-day activities of what makes sports so great for children and teenagers.  The primary purpose of youth sports is development: Athletic, Mental, Emotional, and Social.  Remember, development is a process. Development takes time. Development takes effort. Development takes patience. To continue story click here.

Clinic Dates 2020


High School / PG Clinic

June 9 - August 11

8-9pm HS/PG

Raynham IcePlex


June 10-August 12 

Session 1 - 5:30-6:30pm 

Session 2 - 6:30-7:30pm 

Aleixo Arena

Pee Wee/Bantams

June 10-August 12


Aleixo Arena

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Nick Terry


Worcester State

College Hockey Season has ended!  Here is a list of former players and where they are now!

Tyson Aruajo (Junior)

Wilkes University 

Luca Ragosta (Sophomore)

Salem State 

Harrison Sheldon (Junior) 

Post University 

David Cambria (Sophomore)

Franklin Pierce 

Kevin Kaufman (Sophomore)

Anna Maria Coll. 

Casey Carreau (Sophomore)

Boston College 

Max Sauve (Sophomore)

Penn State 

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